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Fri Mar 31 18:36:21 CEST 2006 planned outages

This is a maintenance weekend ;-) EIS will be unavailable for the whole weekend. site will be offline for approximately 8 hours, starting from 01:00 UTC (2006-04-01).

Have a good weekend and enjoy your families ;-)

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Wed Mar 22 20:52:36 CET 2006

Apple Mail and long URLs?

Another from my "What I hate on Mac OS X and its apps" series ;-)

I have never tried Apple Mail even though I have it installed on my system. What prevents me from trying it? I see many people writing mails from it and their mails are broken in several ways. Sometimes it is a bug in user, sometimes a bug in the mail client. But what is common for them all? Broken links. Long URLs are broken, so you can't mark the URL and paste it into your browser, you can't click on it in your mail client if it opens the URL when clicked.

Is it because the default setting of Apple Mail is broken? Or the application itself broken?

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Sun Mar 19 15:25:34 CET 2006

Sample Carbon application extended

I extended my sample Carbon application (as described here). The new application contains one resource in two languages (see Bundle Programming Guide for more details) - the intro bitmap for English language and the same bitmap with the additional text "German" drawn over it for German language.

Carbon Mini ApplicationThe application shows the bitmap resource according to the language of the user interface (the picture shows "English" version without drawn text) and draws black rectangle in the bottom part of the image just to test drawing over image in the same graphic context (see Quartz 2D Programming Guide and Quartz reference for more details on drawing).

The Makefile contains also target run that prepares bundle and run the application from within the bundle but still in your terminal so you can watch stderr messages in the terminal instead of the console log which is very convenient for debugging.

I'd like to thank Tino who pointed me at the right direction. From now on, I'll always search quartz-dev list first ;-)

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Sun Mar 19 11:08:04 CET 2006

Misc news from world

I was finally able to catch the other (TM) work I have to do for living, so here are the news from the past weeks related to

In the past we had communication problems when the child workspace was resynced to newer milestone. People wondered who did the resync etc. So I filed an issue #i61475# as a request for EIS enhancement. EIS now shows child workspace resyncs in the "Data for child workspace" page. The user who did the resync is still not available, but will be soon.

Milestone SRC680_m160 was released. Windows build is broken again (#i63339#).

64bit resyncing. I resynced long2int child workspace to SRC680_m160 and resynced the patch set with Caolan (both Kendy and Caolan will have a lot of fun with long2int, because many changes were removed). One new 64bit issue in m160: #i63318# (asyncnotification.cxx casting pointers to int). I also uploaded en-US build for people to test. Building m160 was fun on all platforms for me: Windows build breaks in officecfg, all GNU/Linux (x86 and x86_64) and Solaris/SPARC builds are parallel, so they failed with "cannot create ./com" in odk (#i61822#), so the only build that doesn't fail now is aquavcl01 on Mac OS X PowerPC (I forgot about it in the evening because I only build until vcl and it was finished in the morning).

I started thinking about the hardware redesign of my build system (current geographically distributed system is fine for some stuff, but not for the rest ;-) and the whole system of my builds. I'd like to make the status of all builds available for people who are using the system so they do not have to ask me. I'll use Vladimir's HTML output for this.

I also spent some time on extending my Carbon mini application and catching up with my issues backlog (if you need some activity from me in some issue, just PING me in IZ ;-). I wonder why IZ was so slow at the beginning of the year because it is quite fast now. Thanks to all people who make IZ fast as it is now. As it seems it is possible to make it running fast, the only thing missing at the beginning of the year was "will to make it better". Or anything else?

Call for papers for OOoCon2006 announced. The deadline is June, 1. I hope Czech team will be able to propose more presentations this year.

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Fri Mar 10 16:17:51 CET 2006

SRC680_m159 and containerToSequence

The milestone SRC680_m159 is ready. During my test build I realized build breaker on containerToSequence in module animations (#i63007#). I'm now identifying all occurrences of this problem in the sources and continously updating the patch for it. I'll attach it to the issues once complete and ready.

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Wed Mar 8 21:52:58 CET 2006

Lot of events today

... Carbon events ;-) I'm reading Event Manager Programming Guide.

Temporary re-located to Brno. D1 highway is full of great snow sceneries.

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Sun Mar 5 13:47:13 CET 2006

Sample Carbon application

I'm learning Mac OS X programming and especially Carbon so I can help Stefan, Florian and Tino with porting to non-X11 environment. I have finished reading Handling Carbon Windows and Controls and thus I prototyped very small demo application where I'm trying all stuff I read in the document. I also had to look for details in other documents like Window Manager Reference and Event Manager Programming Guide.

Carbon Mini ApplicationThe demo application is pretty simple - it creates window, installs custom event handler and runs the application event loop. The window close button quits the application event loop. Very simple application, but I believe it can help other people while reading the above mentioned document.

I'll continue my learning with Carbon Event Manager Programming Guide and I also plan to extend this application to be full blown application bundle with icons, localization (like GNU "Hello World" is ;-) etc.

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Thu Mar 2 19:55:58 CET 2006

Visiting Hamburg - day 3 (Wednesday)

Wednesday started very early for me - I left my hotel and started Hamburg "postcard" trip. I was not able to buy any Hamburg postcard. Hmm.

Presentation about child workspaces from Heiner, lunch with Heiner and Joost. Meeting with Gregor. Second part of our localization meeting. Interesting points about community translations.

The trip back to Prague was very fast - 20 minutes to the airport, 60 minutes of waiting, 80 minutes on the flight, 10 minutes in taxi. Home. Sweet welcome from my son and wife!

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Thu Mar 2 11:41:23 CET 2006

Mac OS X porting project: removing X11 I.

As I promised, I'll try to regularly blog about the current status of Mac OS X porting to Carbon.

Unfortunately the development these days is so fast, that at the time I'm writing this, already new code is there ;-) But anyway, lets document the steps that Florian, Stephan and Tino have already achieved. You can follow their work in child workspace aquavcl01 and of course you can also use Bonsai to view the latest changes.

VCL Workbench The application, you can see on this image (click on it for fullscreen snapshot), is a test application of VCL project. It is located in module vcl, directory workben. When you build vcl project from the above mentioned child workspace, it will be located in the directory vcl/unxmacx*.pro/bin. Just running it, you'll see and empty window being opened in the top left part of your screen. Its size and position is hardcoded in the source code for now. You can even paint small red rectangles with your mouse (as you can see on the image). You can also close the application using the standard Close button. The other buttons (yellow and green one) do not work yet. You also can't resize the application window (but I see that Stephan already committed some code that should fix it). Right now, you can't even change the window's position on the screen.

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Wed Mar 1 00:12:03 CET 2006

Visiting Hamburg - day 2 (Tuesday)

Second day in Hamburg. Only two "official" meetings scheduled. I joined the developers community meeting.

After we finished, I asked Eike if we can discuss the structure of l10n component and its subcomponents in the IssueZilla. We came to the conclusion to change it a bit. I'll summarize it when I'm back at home.

Meeting with Release Engineering team. Interesting guys :-) Pleasure to meet them. Heiner was kind enough to play Sun-Doom with me when we visited the server room. I must admit that I do not have so "hot" machines (whatever the word "hot" could mean here ;-). I have a lot to do to make my builds optimized ;-) Kurt has shown me the tool Hamburg RE is using for managing builds. Interesting. Release Engineering teams of various companies should have their meetings as well to coordinate their work. I can imagine that folks at Intel have to solve similar problems (in slightly smaller volume though) as Hamburg RE. And of course I can also learn a lot from it... Interesting discussions about cleaning the unused code from

Brain session with Ivo about l10n issues mainly affecting translators (help images in the core, but text in the langpacks etc.). The localizable license issue is still looking for the volunteer. I think I'll file an enhancement to remove the usage of the external file for the license reference (and I used the word "reference" on purpose, because the file LICENSE in doesn't contain the actual license text anymore, but only a reference to it) and use UI strings instead of the current license file with three lines of text... Discussed this issue also with Vladimir, The License Guy at Sun ;-))

Back to the hotel, watching TV and writing two blog entries and some more *real* work ;-)

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