Sun Mar 5 13:47:13 CET 2006

Sample Carbon application

I'm learning Mac OS X programming and especially Carbon so I can help Stefan, Florian and Tino with porting to non-X11 environment. I have finished reading Handling Carbon Windows and Controls and thus I prototyped very small demo application where I'm trying all stuff I read in the document. I also had to look for details in other documents like Window Manager Reference and Event Manager Programming Guide.

Carbon Mini ApplicationThe demo application is pretty simple - it creates window, installs custom event handler and runs the application event loop. The window close button quits the application event loop. Very simple application, but I believe it can help other people while reading the above mentioned document.

I'll continue my learning with Carbon Event Manager Programming Guide and I also plan to extend this application to be full blown application bundle with icons, localization (like GNU "Hello World" is ;-) etc.

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