Thu Mar 2 11:41:23 CET 2006

Mac OS X porting project: removing X11 I.

As I promised, I'll try to regularly blog about the current status of Mac OS X porting to Carbon.

Unfortunately the development these days is so fast, that at the time I'm writing this, already new code is there ;-) But anyway, lets document the steps that Florian, Stephan and Tino have already achieved. You can follow their work in child workspace aquavcl01 and of course you can also use Bonsai to view the latest changes.

VCL Workbench The application, you can see on this image (click on it for fullscreen snapshot), is a test application of VCL project. It is located in module vcl, directory workben. When you build vcl project from the above mentioned child workspace, it will be located in the directory vcl/unxmacx*.pro/bin. Just running it, you'll see and empty window being opened in the top left part of your screen. Its size and position is hardcoded in the source code for now. You can even paint small red rectangles with your mouse (as you can see on the image). You can also close the application using the standard Close button. The other buttons (yellow and green one) do not work yet. You also can't resize the application window (but I see that Stephan already committed some code that should fix it). Right now, you can't even change the window's position on the screen.

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