Sun Mar 19 15:25:34 CET 2006

Sample Carbon application extended

I extended my sample Carbon application (as described here). The new application contains one resource in two languages (see Bundle Programming Guide for more details) - the intro bitmap for English language and the same bitmap with the additional text "German" drawn over it for German language.

Carbon Mini ApplicationThe application shows the bitmap resource according to the language of the user interface (the picture shows "English" version without drawn text) and draws black rectangle in the bottom part of the image just to test drawing over image in the same graphic context (see Quartz 2D Programming Guide and Quartz reference for more details on drawing).

The Makefile contains also target run that prepares bundle and run the application from within the bundle but still in your terminal so you can watch stderr messages in the terminal instead of the console log which is very convenient for debugging.

I'd like to thank Tino who pointed me at the right direction. From now on, I'll always search quartz-dev list first ;-)

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