Sun Mar 19 11:08:04 CET 2006

Misc news from world

I was finally able to catch the other (TM) work I have to do for living, so here are the news from the past weeks related to

In the past we had communication problems when the child workspace was resynced to newer milestone. People wondered who did the resync etc. So I filed an issue #i61475# as a request for EIS enhancement. EIS now shows child workspace resyncs in the "Data for child workspace" page. The user who did the resync is still not available, but will be soon.

Milestone SRC680_m160 was released. Windows build is broken again (#i63339#).

64bit resyncing. I resynced long2int child workspace to SRC680_m160 and resynced the patch set with Caolan (both Kendy and Caolan will have a lot of fun with long2int, because many changes were removed). One new 64bit issue in m160: #i63318# (asyncnotification.cxx casting pointers to int). I also uploaded en-US build for people to test. Building m160 was fun on all platforms for me: Windows build breaks in officecfg, all GNU/Linux (x86 and x86_64) and Solaris/SPARC builds are parallel, so they failed with "cannot create ./com" in odk (#i61822#), so the only build that doesn't fail now is aquavcl01 on Mac OS X PowerPC (I forgot about it in the evening because I only build until vcl and it was finished in the morning).

I started thinking about the hardware redesign of my build system (current geographically distributed system is fine for some stuff, but not for the rest ;-) and the whole system of my builds. I'd like to make the status of all builds available for people who are using the system so they do not have to ask me. I'll use Vladimir's HTML output for this.

I also spent some time on extending my Carbon mini application and catching up with my issues backlog (if you need some activity from me in some issue, just PING me in IZ ;-). I wonder why IZ was so slow at the beginning of the year because it is quite fast now. Thanks to all people who make IZ fast as it is now. As it seems it is possible to make it running fast, the only thing missing at the beginning of the year was "will to make it better". Or anything else?

Call for papers for OOoCon2006 announced. The deadline is June, 1. I hope Czech team will be able to propose more presentations this year.

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