Wed Mar 1 00:12:03 CET 2006

Visiting Hamburg - day 2 (Tuesday)

Second day in Hamburg. Only two "official" meetings scheduled. I joined the developers community meeting.

After we finished, I asked Eike if we can discuss the structure of l10n component and its subcomponents in the IssueZilla. We came to the conclusion to change it a bit. I'll summarize it when I'm back at home.

Meeting with Release Engineering team. Interesting guys :-) Pleasure to meet them. Heiner was kind enough to play Sun-Doom with me when we visited the server room. I must admit that I do not have so "hot" machines (whatever the word "hot" could mean here ;-). I have a lot to do to make my builds optimized ;-) Kurt has shown me the tool Hamburg RE is using for managing builds. Interesting. Release Engineering teams of various companies should have their meetings as well to coordinate their work. I can imagine that folks at Intel have to solve similar problems (in slightly smaller volume though) as Hamburg RE. And of course I can also learn a lot from it... Interesting discussions about cleaning the unused code from

Brain session with Ivo about l10n issues mainly affecting translators (help images in the core, but text in the langpacks etc.). The localizable license issue is still looking for the volunteer. I think I'll file an enhancement to remove the usage of the external file for the license reference (and I used the word "reference" on purpose, because the file LICENSE in doesn't contain the actual license text anymore, but only a reference to it) and use UI strings instead of the current license file with three lines of text... Discussed this issue also with Vladimir, The License Guy at Sun ;-))

Back to the hotel, watching TV and writing two blog entries and some more *real* work ;-)

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