February 07, 2004 9:50 PM

Build-12 of fix3 being uploaded to ftp.linux.cz

Really wonderful day. I wrote the script FixLocalizeErrors.sh that is able to fix issues in localize tool with missing backslashes before line endings for newly added languages. We were hit by this issue really hard, because we are adding several new languages in our builds. And because our system was based on providing clean builds done by script, I had to manually create the patch to fix all those issues. Unbelievably boring work.

Now it is pretty simple and we only have to create one simple patch that overcomes two simply misplaced translations (see patch for details).

I hope this script can help also other people who are adding new localizations (Evan, this is also for you ;).

And now for the real thing: build-12 is on its way to ftp.linux.cz. The version for GNU/Linux is finished, other system (Solaris, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows) are building right now. Please test and report results.

This version contains DicOOo 1.2 which should use different font for Czech language. Please check this.


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