February 06, 2004 7:24 PM

fix3 in a pretty good shape

Today was in the sign of building CVS tree fix3 on more systems. Builds on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD were finished yesterday, but I left Windows and Solaris for today.

Solaris build stopped at the very beginning because I had :: in the PATH and this confused GetCorrectPath yet enough to remove the rest of the PATH for the build. Thus gmake (which is located in /opt/sfw/bin/gmake) was not found when bootstrap tried to make dmake.

The build on Microsoft Windows was more adventurous, because I'm still stuck with old compiler. Thus I had to fix three issues #i25134#, #i25170# and #i25175# with OpenOffice.org's code. Those patches are already in fix3 as of now so I'm about to start all those builds again from scratch.


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