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Sat Jan 24 09:30:28 CET 2009

Server outages and "crisis"

Everyone tends to assign everything to crisis these days. You are watching the TV news and almost everything is about crisis. My son mentioned yesterday, that TV news are the same as they were day before.

What I call crisis is that people call everything crisis.

But to be in line with everyone else, I think that Czech computer services are in crisis. This night is a very good example of this crisis. The official web of Ministry of Justice doesn't work, the official web of I.CA (one of authorized certification authorities in our country) doesn't work etc.

Or is this normal? That would be REAL crisis!

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Wed Jan 14 17:42:51 CET 2009

Local Apple Authorised Distributor Online Store...

Apple business in CZ is doomed. I just want to receive my Mini DisplayPort Adapter I ordered together with a new machine for my wife on December, 4th 2008, ie. 40 days ago! Is it THAT difficult?

You can't do business this way...

Update: January 31, still no news. Almost 2 months now ;-) I can't believe it.

Update: February, 3 - I have an adapter at home, my wife's Mac is now connected to the display. Ordered two days ago from a different Czech company - thanks goes to Quentin and Filip... Two days compared to 2 months. That's approx. 30 times better service...

Update: February, 24 - ~80 days after my order, I have my money back.

Summary: do not trust local Apple Authorized Distributor.

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