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Wed Dec 31 21:00:30 CET 2008

Year 2008 almost gone

The next year is going to its end. Do you know something new? I do.

I have an enormous amount of new experiences after this year:
  • sometimes, it doesn't matter how much energy you invest into your goals
  • sometimes, your goals happen even if you forget about them
  • sometimes, even with you doing exactly the opposite, your goals happen anyway
  • sometimes, even your enemies can work with you on your goals and even be better than you!
To sum up: everything is relative. The only thing you can do is to limit the relativness ;-) The only important thing is your family and people around you. And I'm proud that I can work with the people around me.

And I'm very proud of my family which is even bigger this year - my daughter Lucie brought a lot of light into my life. Thanks for her, thanks for my son and my wife and others.

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