Tue Dec 26 15:05:31 CET 2006

Enjoying "a" music program on my system...

Short story first. Last summer, we were on Malorca and we enjoyed Marineland's show accompanied by beautiful song. Thus I wrote to "Santa" that I want CD with it and with other songs from the same author. We have a short snippet of the song recorded on our camera, thus my wife spent some time to find its performer. It is James Blunt, BTW.

Now I finally have the CD and I can do miracles with it ;-) I insterted it into my system and it started playing - good, normal, expected ;-) Then it automatically downloaded list of songs (using CDDB database), their names, their duration, author of the album, and I was even able to buy all the songs again (no, I do not have to - it allows me to "import" all songs from my original CD, so I can now play it even without the media in my machine - which I still have to consult with my lawyers, no that easy in our country, I think ;-). The only difference is that I have original booklet with the CD.

Maybe I'm a bit naive user in this area, but this is how I expected it to work - without my intervention, so I can actually listen to the music - my best one is still "You're Beautiful", the song that started this all ;-)

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