Thu Dec 21 08:25:27 CET 2006

My list of Mac OS X annoyancees

I'll maintain this blog entry as my own, personal list of Mac OS X annoyancees. I'm a bit special user of this system, but ... Some of these annoyancees are very easy to fix - just change the default, but this is annoyance for me - the default that does not suit my needs.

Installation/unix annoyancees

The default choice for filesystem is case insensitive fs, which is almost unusable for me because of my working habits (like ~/.emacs and ~/.Emacs etc.).

The tool seq is missing in the base system. I use it a lot.

sed's -i option has different semantic compared to GNU sed.

tail's -f doesn't accept more than one file.


Where is focus follows mouse? ;-) Where are virtual desktops I'm used to use for about 10 years (... in Leopard is not acceptable answer ;-)?

How do I turn on date display in the menu bar? I'd like to know that today is December 21 without additional moving of the mouse and clicking on the "Thursday, 08:20"...


The default settings for Terminal are unusable - I had to change approx. 10 things to get used to it (meta, process end).

Why can't you run two instances of iMovie on one machine? I want to import clips from my camera as one user and create photo slideshow from iPhoto libraries in iMovie... How is user pavel able to know that user pavel2 is running iMovie!?

iDVD authors: great application - I can create DVD. How do I print cover for it? One step further... Hmm, this is not annoyance per se, but "Mac user like approach" ;-)

iDVD authors: what about fixing this bug? Isn't one year enough? Yes, /me too...

Can't disable format=flowed in Apple Mail.

Other applications

Adium X in the current version (0.89.1) is not able to cope with system Locations. Thus I have to turn proxy on/off manually when switching locations. Previous beta version (B17) worked OK, but current (B18) crashes immediatelly after switching Location.

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