Sun Dec 31 10:58:58 CET 2006

Summarizing year number 2006

One year older again...

At the end of every year, I'm summarizing and planning for the next year. But it often is a fiasco ;-) Look at my plans/wishes for year 2006:
  • AMD64 builds out of the box - this was my main wish. And it is now reality. Caolan and Kendy did an enormous work and I'm now watching every milestone carefully for new bugs so we can fix them immediately when they appear. This is very effective. From time to time, new 64bit specific bug appears as well - people like to pass pointers in 32bit integers around even if we have sal_IntPtr type etc.
  • usable Mac OS X universal builds without X11 - this was a dream only. I do have universal patches in my build system with the exception of module bridges, and X11 universal build works OK on the platform it was produced on, but it crashes on the other platform. This was low priority for me, thus almost nothing done here. Current non-X11 build does something, but we have a lot of work to do. Playing invaders is now possible with the mouse, keyboard still doesn't work properly, because of some windowing issue.
  • I'd like to cut down the list of MyIssues down under 40 at the end of the year (the current status is 83) - pure dream. The current list of MyIssues is 92 issues :-(
  • my community build system migrated to newly designed build-farm, more automated - almost nothing done here as well. It works as it is right now very well so the motivation to change it is very low, the only thing needed is to plan for hardware upgrade of all machines - four years are four years and the fastest machine available then is now again effectively slower than my laptop.
  • Czech team at OOoCon 2006 with more presentations and more active members - no progress. No new active people, and some active people who can't attend because of their personal or work activities.
  • at least three big public companies/institutions in Czech migrating to and publicly announcing it - many companies migrating, but none announcing it publicly - the marketing part of our team has to do some investigation in this regard. Many of my customers are directly or indirectly using for their work, but they often do not communicate the infrastructure they are using because of the old habits and false dreams of better security.
So to sum up: not everything planned happened. I have to work even more to fulfil my plans ;-)

So what I want to do/work on in 2007? I'll try to be more realistic...
  • native AQUA without X11 as an alpha version for end users
  • migrate at least Windows and GNU/Linux x86 machines of my build system to newer hardware with the help from sponsors
  • ... and maybe more ...
I hope the next year will be even more success for and we will completely accept and use the opportunity Microsoft is giving us for free with their Vista upgrade!

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