November 25, 2004 11:00 PM

Builds for 1.1.4, SRC680_m63

I'm leaving for Brno and Luhačovice (not so nice weekend; do not ask) tomorrow in the morning and will be back home probably on Sunday. Thus I have to do many things tonight.

First from the "old" branch: I have started builds for upcoming 1.1.4 on GNU/Linux, Solaris/SPARC, Windows and Mac OS X. I had to stop build on Windows, but GNU/Linux and Solaris/SPARC are already finished and uploaded, Mac OS X is still building (cold ccache ;-)).

I have also finished clean builds (from scratch) of not-yet-ready SRC680_m63 on GNU/Linux and Solaris/SPARC systems. I do not plan to upload them now though.

I have generated POT files for SRC680_m63 (not-yet-ready), but I'll describe them in different diary entry. I have also updated the statistics page for Czech translation project - you can see how many strings are there to be translated and the overall status of our work towards completely localized 2.0. -----

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