November 28, 2004 9:22 PM

SRC680_m63 is ready!

Milestone SRC680_m63 is now ready. Child Workspaces integrated: eforms2, tbe13, borderingfilterteam28, adc9, vq05, aw020, dba19, babelfish04, rebase, pbfixes01, cd01, vcl30, docking4, fwkp2fix02, pj11, openldap, oasisbf3, impress15, schoasis02, nativefixer1, oooicons, dba18, migration1, pj12, scriptingf8, cfglooseends, calc25, fwkbugfix03, texteng03, ivo06, ause013, aw021, swqbugfixes09, pythonupgrade, dr29, xsltfilter04, iha04, rt04, tl03, iha05 and os41.

I have uploaded POT files for this milestone. -----

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