November 24, 2004 10:55 PM

Trying to build not-yet-ready SRC680_m63

The milestone SRC680_m63 is still not yet ready. But because I have seen in EIS, that there are many child workspaces integrated, I decided to help Hamburg RE ;-) So here is the log from my build and running the current SRC680_m63 (which, I'm repeating myself, is not yet ready for public consumption ;-).

Build issues first. Many of them. But while I was at it many of them were fixed. But there is at least the following must be fixed before releasing: sw/source/ui/app/apphdl.cxx is using Stamp_SetActivateEvent which is not defined now (it was defined in the past though; just comment/delete its call for now). svtools/source/config/itemholder[12].cxx include header files from svtools/... but such headers are not yet delivered (just remove svtools/ from #include lines). sfx2/source/appl/appuno.cxx is referencing variable nFound which is not defined.

Installation issues: During ./install RPMS /tmp/SRC680_m63 several lines like
warning: group other does not exist - using root
were issued. This is because of
$ cvs log solenv/bin/modules/installer/|grep "sys to other"
2004/10/28 13:12:38 obr #i35695# changed default group from...
#i35695# changed default group from sys to other
Well, #i35695# is about "Compress solaris pkgs" so I do not plan to re-open it because of this. Group other is non-standard...

Runtime issues: bad About (contains "my company" instead of user@machine as defined in, see cvs diff -r SRC680_m62 -r SRC680_m63 svx/source/intro/ooo.src for details.

News: directory presets instead of share, new "first-run" wizard and icons (coming from oooicons child workspace).

See screenshots for more details.

And again: SRC680_m63 is not yet ready, really.

I have used gcc-3.4.1 with visibility and enum patches - see the previous entry in my blog. -----

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