November 23, 2004 10:37 PM

Updating gcc

I have decided (due to various changes I do not want to describe here, because I'm still mad about them ;-) to update my gcc to the same version as Hamburg RE is using for building They use gcc-3.4.1 with visibility and enum patches.

While doing so, I realized that current build environment is not ready for it. Why? You need to link with g++, but config_office/ exports LINK=gcc to the environment (#i37731#). There is no clear way for switching between gcc-3.3 (CVER=C300) and newer gcc-3.4 (CVER=341 aka unxlngi6). I've changed my tree manually to use Hamburg RE's

... I also had an interesting discussion with Ause about cooperative work on not-yet-ready milestones ("Why does my build (correctly!) broke on xml:lang in officecfg module and Sun's does not?") and community-RE. -----

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