November 15, 2004 09:41 PM

l10n@2.0: current issues

This diary entry contains the list of issues that can slow down (at least) the process of localization and translation of 2.0. These are really only the issues with deep impact on comfort or speed of integration of new languages. I left minor issues out of this list.
  • #i35471#: Sort readme / helpcontent2 localize extract content by their appearance in the source. This issues is very important for translation longer texts. localize tool does not export strings in the order as in the source code/source files. Thus translating helpcontent is very hard.
  • #i35659# Conflicting files in language packs (after setting DEFAULT_TO_ENGLISH_FOR_PACKING). This is not that critical issue, but it prevents multiple language packs from installation if they share some files. And this is common if you create new language which and not provide e.g. extras yet. English extras will be used even for your language and we have a conflict.
  • #i35263# simplify readlicense_oo/prj/d.lst. There is a list of all languages duplicated from solenv/inc/
  • #i35265# and #i32386# are about using second naming scheme for language dependent files. One naming scheme based on ISO code is enough.
  • #i36315#: gsicheck errors on all GSI files generated from SRC680_m59.
  • #i37144#: SRC680_m62: Czech letters incorrect. This just came up with the milestone SRC680_m62.
  • #i37105#: Generate scp2/inc/ during the build. is another file where you need to add several lines for a new language. It is not necessary, IMO. It can be generated, at least.
If you have any other issue, please tell me and I will update this list. -----

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