November 15, 2004 09:13 PM 2.0 splash screen

I'm really impressed by the amount of artists we have in the project...

... when the image to be designed is the splash screen of upcoming 2.0! The issue to handle this (#i36491#) has unbelievable amount of attachments ;-)

I'm watching this issue very closely. I wouldn't tell you which one I prefer now, but it's name is hidden in this MD5: f509db07c9dec4da53cdfb290647ac9d ;-) It is very decent and I simply like it.

This issue also shows that we as a project have a problem with motivating such people. We are missing gallery themes, nice icon themes etc. But look how many nice images people can generate for splash screen. Because they are motivated. They are motivated to have their name connected with' splash screen. Can we motivate them to create e.g. icon theme or gallery?

Artists: please tell us how can we motivate you. -----

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