November 15, 2004 10:07 PM

SRC680_m62 is ready

Hamburg RE finished SRC680_m62 milestone with following child workspaces integrated: vq04, scp2fix, nojava1, numforensis, mh1960, hsqldb, fontlists04, hr9, xmlbasic, beansplit, calc24, localedatafixes, swqbugfixes08, jl13, gh8, os38, configure3, oasisbf1, tdoc3, dr27, schoasis01, vcl28, sysui02 and os37.

If you work on Windows, comment out epm check in configure (see #i36561#).

If you have old gcc take care in module automation (file source/server/statemnt.cxx, issue #i37204#).

If you have problems with fonts, please check if the "solution" I proposed in #i37144# helps you.

Please comment-out the check for WITH_FONTOOO in msfontextract (#i32814#).

And finally: hurry up, we are heading to beta! ;-) -----

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