March 21, 2004 7:21 PM

Preparation for 64bit01, RC3 issues in localized inst. sets

I have prepared our build system for work on the third tree - 64bit01 and checked it out to my system. During the checkout, I found that chart2 project was not tagged for that branch, thus I filed #i26772#.

We found several issues in localized builds of RC3 - Estonian version does not have QuickHelpTexts translated. There are 200+ occurrences of them in GSI file and their script to convert GSI to PO doesn't count with them, only with Text.

Second issue is more general: several languages have corrupted (mixed native language with English) README and README.html. This issue applies to both variant of Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese and also Dutch. Czech and Slovak versions should be up-to-date.


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