February 14, 2004 6:16 PM

Two gigabytes of spam/virus mails in 40 days?

I set-up spamassassin several days before the end of the last year and am very carefully handling mails with it, learning from my old archived spam and such.

Today, my Emacs/Gnus session told me:

nnfolder-save-mail: Buffer exceeds maximum size
It is unbelievable, but I have two gigabytes of archived spam/virus mails in about 50 days. This amount does not count with spams that reached non-existent e-mails @janik.cz because I'm archiving the directly on the mail server which is permanently connected to the Internet.

Almost 99.9 percent of spam comes from the world, but I have also identified 5 companies from our country who were sending spams to me. I reported their behavior to their respective trade offices with the help of the template created by local consumer organization.

I think my current setup can be used for about one or two years from now and then, I'll change my e-mail address to different one and will modify my anti-spam rules accordingly.

Update: do you know that 2 GB of spam can be bzip2ed to 40 MB of data?


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