February 13, 2004 11:12 AM

Are you interested in Windows Source Code?

Microsoft announced yesterday, that Windows Source Code was made illegally available on the Internet.

This is the statement from their press release. The interesting thing in this press release is, that Microsoft informed about this issue. The second interesting thing is that Microsoft tries to stop people think about the breach to their corporate network and thus implicitly said: "It appears that one of our partners, who received the sources, published them."

And the most interesting part of their press release is:

At this time there is no known impact on customers.
So, Microsoft customers, think about the fact that someone has the sources of the products you use. They were able to find so many bugs even without the source. What if they have source handy?

On the other hand, now those crackers (who have the source handy) can also provide patches and fixes. And maybe even faster than Microsoft does right now ;) Those are the benefits of the source code in general.

More details e.g. at SecurityFocus.


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