Wed Dec 16 20:50:13 CET 2009

Old lessons...

More than three years ago, we were in Lyon, testing the taste of various different flavours of beer^H^H^H^Hpepsi, cola etc.

Today's newspaper contains an article (you can get the full copy of the article at their web) about Coca-Cola Blák's "success" I predicted three years ago. Interesting thing is, that people collect (even empty) bottles. Maybe CoCo's normal bottles are too boring.

And I did not drink coffee that time... Now I'm big lover of good coffee (with milk though). Morning cappuccino (I love Dulsao!) while reading daily magazines...

Other interesting thing is that for me, the various flavours of Pepsi are more tasty (is it really worth the Wikipedia page? ;-). I still remember Pepsi Gold.

Back to work and late newspaper reading ;-)

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