Thu Jul 16 23:21:17 CEST 2009

Strong passwords evangelized in the TV prime time!

TV Nova (one of the commercial TV stations in our country) did a big thing today. The first message in the daily evening news (Televizní noviny) was about the security despite the fact that there was a fight between taxi drivers and police officers, even floods were commented later. The message criticized (at least they think so) or evangelized (they actually DID so) strong passwords!!!

If you understand Czech, you can hear it yourself.

This is as usual: computer specialists tell you that STRONG passwords are not strong enough (everyone has full mouth of PKI) and normal people tell you, that it is too difficult even now. Someone has to find more secure, portable and very easy solution. Brain-authentication, Brain-MAC ;-) But then, people from TV Nova will find someone who can't enjoy the game then 8)

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