Sun Feb 10 00:17:25 CET 2008

Extraordinary day

I had very extraordinary day yesterday. Watching the third round of presidential vote in our country was tragicomical. The lunch was fine ;-)

Then we went to Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek to see the story "Hurvínek and the mirror". It was very interesting to see my son watching his first show in the theatre. Of course the show was also very interesting return to my childhood.

I spent the evening (when everyone else went to bed and thus I was alone) watching the classic (yes, I know... ;-) movie Charleston. I call it The Deal Of The Day ;-) The DVD was approx. 2 EUR and I spent two fine hours watching it. I like movies with Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill. This one is from 1977 and B. Spencer is there alone and in a role not common to him. I also realized that Herbert Lom (policeman Watkins in the Charleston movie and Charles Dreyfus in the pink panther movies) was actually born in Prague which was news to me.

No phone calls, no problems to solve, I call it a day. I'm hopefully returning to my normal work-flows.

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