Mon Dec 4 15:11:09 CET 2006

Hamburg Mac Port meeting - Sunday

Sunday morning started with breakfast in my hotel.

Several new people joined - Oliver, Jogi and mmp. More debugging of Xcode and pending beakpoints. This is really weird.

Stephan described crash in menu activation code - MenuPopulate event for clicking on the toolbar icon. I investigated it a bit and found two separate crashes - one for VCL and another one for native menus, reported issues #i72249# and #i72250#.

The next part was dedicated to identifying work areas and assign names to them. We went over the document Stephan wrote some time ago.

Late Pizza again. I wonder why pizza Hawaii was named Waikiki there 8)

QA TestTool demo from Jogi. Interesting. I hope we will be able to have something QAable ;-)

The next topic was about packaging: javaldx and script, libsalsystools.dylib loading - why is it library at all!? Next part was dedicated to language packs installation and problems connected with it. Some nice ideas went out of it.

Tino gave kaib the introduction about Mac bridges issue so he can concentrate on Mac OS X specific bugs with UI/windows. Tino will create child workspace from his work to make it available for testing - map files stuff first, striping comes next.

Shaun testing the Segway Human Transporter ;-) Martin tried to show that you can you use it to go back - hopefully Google will be able to repair the building soon ;-)

Trip home was painless and fast - I was back at home at 9pm.

At the end, I can't forget to again thank Google for providing us their facilities and especially all the food there ;-)

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