Mon Dec 4 06:54:32 CET 2006

Hamburg Mac Port meeting - Saturday

I woke up at unbelievable time and went to the Prague airport - my wife was driving and my son was watching all the lights. So early...

Flight was OK. The recent tightening of airport security has almost no effect - only the toothpaste has to be packaged in seelable foil. Fog in Prague, but we were flying at 5500 m, jut above the fog - nice sunny view. Arrival to Hamburg acording to schedule, no problems. Nice sunrise over the city.

This time I decided to try Jasper bus because it just arrived. Straight way to the central station, taxi to Google office. Only Kai and Eric there so far.

Later other people joined: Tino, Shaun, Florian, Martin, Martin and Shaun, Juergen.

Eric had a presentation about the current status of the port, about X11 etc. Florian gave the presentation about status of the native filepicker - he is trying to achieve to make it working in X11 as well. Interesting. Small problems and one big issue, no way to make it working when X11 is running in fullscreen.

Afternoon hackathon. Stephan reported that when vcl is compiled with debug, it crashes at the beginning. I confirmed and identified that the problem is with the file salbmp.cxx in aqua directory. If compiled with debug, soffice.bin crashes, otherwise it works. We tried to look at it and finished in boost header files and exceptions handling 8) This will be interesting problem for our C++ experts... I have to file an issue about it and ask them. (Update: issue #i72248#, probably compiler bug!?)

After many experiments, we found and described the way to debug VCL in Xcode. We had to workaround several issues with Xcode - e.g. it looks like it can't debug binary named soffice.bin, but sofficebin works... Second Xcode bug in one day? ;-)

Stephan debugged the key repeat error and fixed it, later he applied the patch to aquavcl01 cws. jsc probably made his first build ;-)

Dinner in the city, bed early because I'm still not completely OK. Raining in the evening. Other guys went to some coctail bar and ...

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