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Tue Oct 31 10:26:57 CET 2006

120 issues for 2.1

I have fixed almost all of my bugs targeted to 2.1 on weekend and this week, and I'll start my typical work before every release - I'll ask issue owners if they are able to meet the deadline or if they need help. Please review your issues with target 2.1...

We still have 120 issues (some of them are regular localization merge issues though), so still a lot of work. Please help to reduce the number of issues for 2.1!

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Tue Oct 10 22:03:48 CEST 2006

Long weekend in Brno

I was in Brno from Friday to Tuesday morning because the local computer exhibition INVEX. As a coincidence, the first iStyle computer shop with Apple products was opened there several days ago, so I had to visit it as well ;-)

I have seen several interesting (for me) exhibitions on INVEX - Czech post (with Ministry of Interior, Mr. Langr), Novell (Kendy's presentation).

Dinner with Adam Rambousek at Blue Rose bar - good steaks!

Other interesting photos: Mr. Nemrava (Software 602) playing Mr. Kučera's new guitar (Mr. Kučera is director of Novell CZ) at Novell's booth internal room - wonderful show, really. Mr. Langr watching how OpenOffice.org is printing his document stored on USB flash on xAPOST based system.

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Thu Oct 5 20:17:48 CEST 2006

l10n deadline for 2.1

Rafaella (our new l10n lead) announced new deadline for providing GSI files - please read her mail in dev@l10n mailing list.

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