Tue Oct 10 22:03:48 CEST 2006

Long weekend in Brno

I was in Brno from Friday to Tuesday morning because the local computer exhibition INVEX. As a coincidence, the first iStyle computer shop with Apple products was opened there several days ago, so I had to visit it as well ;-)

I have seen several interesting (for me) exhibitions on INVEX - Czech post (with Ministry of Interior, Mr. Langr), Novell (Kendy's presentation).

Dinner with Adam Rambousek at Blue Rose bar - good steaks!

Other interesting photos: Mr. Nemrava (Software 602) playing Mr. Kučera's new guitar (Mr. Kučera is director of Novell CZ) at Novell's booth internal room - wonderful show, really. Mr. Langr watching how OpenOffice.org is printing his document stored on USB flash on xAPOST based system.

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