Sat Sep 30 15:19:06 CEST 2006

Recent "inactivity"

I was celebrating a birthday this week and this, together with some other events like preparations of final release candidate for, took almost all of my time.

I started OOD680_m5 builds on all platforms I support, and already uploaded most of them (GNU/Linux for both x86 and x86_64 and Windows). Mac OS X/PPC and Solaris/SPARC are still building (PPC machine is slow and I had to respin the OOD680_m5 build on Solaris/SPARC because of stopper issue).

I provided special patched build of RC3 for Javier (Khmer only) because they need some patch from icuupgrade child workspace.

I also started builds of SRC680_m186 (both GNU/Linux builds are already uploaded).

I'll spend some more time on GSIs and cleanup of my build system (inactive languages, wrong URLs, ...) this evening, so I'm able to accept more new languages for it. I have already cleaned up the directory with POT files.

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