Sat Sep 30 15:53:17 CEST 2006

Build system for active languages, how to add new language?

As I said several times, I build only for active languages. Building every milestone on more platforms is time consuming, thus I can afford to build only for languages that makes sense to be built. It makes sense to build for e.g. Estonian, Czech and Danish because the translator teams are very active - they keep up-to-date with the latest translations in every milestone thus it makes sense to build every milestone for them.

On the other hand, I was building for many languages that were not able to update their translations from pre-2.0.3 times so far. I removed these languages from my list of supported languages.

So starting from SRC680_m187, I'll provide builds for these languages only: be-BY, bg, bn, cs, da, el, et, ga, lo, mk, nb, nn, sk and sl. I'll add few languages like en-US and de because I want to have a reference platform to be able to compare Sun provided builds with my builds.

If you want to have regular builds from my build system, continue reading :-) I'll only integrate languages with active teams. I do not want to build for the language that has old, unmaintained GSI files, because the CPU time, disk space and bandwidth can be used for other active languages instead.
  • Please make sure that the data about your language in our table are correct and complete.
  • Please send me the URL of your GSI file that is named GSI_cs.sdf.bz2 (bzip2 or gzip compressed GSI file where cs is the ISO code of your language). If you'd like to know the reason for this, see the script updating all GSI files I run just before every build.
  • make sure your GSI file is without errors - you can use statically linked gsicheck - see directory TranslationQA in some previously provided build
That's it :-)

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