Tue Sep 5 17:53:07 CEST 2006

Lunch with Martin Lér, new toy...

Lunch with Martin Lér, interesting discussion about Neo vs. OpenOffice.org. Martin is old Mac user and his opinions about the problem are interesting. Several days ago we had a long mail exchange about it and Filip was so kind to manage with Martin's company (Quentin) lend of MacBook Pro for me so this was very good occasion to meet in person and discuss. Interesting meeting...

So I have a new toy at home. It is twice as large as my current computer, twice as heavy and (unfortunately ;-) approx. ten times faster than my machine. Packed in a nice black box with white fruit on it, this MacBook Pro has 2 GHz processor and 1GB of memory.

It was fun to connect MagSafe connector. Even my wife tried it - I told her not to be afraid of it, but... It was a surprise for her anyway ;-)

The first test I'm doing on it is installing development environment for native OpenOffice.org and I'm also testing how the system can cope with case sensitive filesystem, because right now, I have 156 conflicting filenames on my GNU/Linux based machine's home partition. The case sensitivity test was OK, I can have files with similar names with only case sensitivity difference. Good. One could think this should be the default in 21st century...

Installing fink, Colloquy and Desktop Manager is a must. For OpenOffice.org, fileutils, pkgconfig, atk1, libidl2, glib2-dev, pango1-xft2-dev and gtk+2-dev from fink are needed as well (and maybe something more, but configure didn't notified me, so I'll file proper bugs for new requirements, should their arise). First native build started at 02:42 of uptime.

Whining: I do not hear it because my Mac Mini with Mini M9 is so loud... But I do not hear it even in very quiet room anyway. The temperature is acceptable.

Ah, I forgot Emacs! ;-)

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