Fri Apr 14 00:11:49 CEST 2006

SRC680_m163 and online update notification

The milestone SRC680_m163 integrated child workspace onlineupdate1. The specification of online update is available at specs website.

In short, it works as follows: if your program/versionrc file contains non-empty value of UpdateURL variable, the menu item Help -> Check for Updates... is shown. If you click on it, the dialog checking the URL contained in UpdateURL variable is shown. After that there are two (three in fact) possibilities:
  • there is no update - if the URL contains "no" as the only text, the message box with "No new update is available" is shown
  • some update is available - the dialog where you can open the web browser is opened and you can download the update
  • nothing happens - if the answer from the UpdateURL is not valid according to specification
I have implemented it as a proof of concept into my builds. From Build-2 of SRC680_m163 on, I'll apply the patch adding the value for UpdateURL ( will be used as its value). You can even try it yourself on your own build or in my Build-1 if you simply put this URL as the value of UpdateURL in your file program/versionrc.

The update.php script is very simple PHP script. It contains both variants (no - update is not available and yes - update is available at some URL).

Sun builds will use as the URL, but it is not yet ready as you can check by specifying some fake values for all submitted data here.

Who will provide final update.php that could be used for my builds instead of this fake one? ;-)

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