Fri Apr 14 20:47:19 CEST 2006

Sample Carbon application extended: localized strings

I had some free time today so I decided to dive into Mac OS X documentation again. Two documents were waiting for me on my desk - Internationalization Programming Topics and Bundle Programming Guide. Interesting reading about the differences between bundles and packages, about localized strings etc.

To practice new knowledge, I extended my sample Carbon application again and added localized window title. New version has number 0.3 ;-)

Access to localized resources is very simple - you can just use the function CFCopyLocalizedStringFromTable and prepare translated versions of the files Resources/language.lproj/tablename.strings in your application bundle (see the source code for very simple example).

My application already contains localized bitmap and I added localized title into 0.3.

English environment German environment
As you can see above (click on thumbnails to get larger images), the behavior depends on the system International setting.

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