Thu Jan 5 22:09:43 CET 2006

The most advanced operating system?

I have read two press releases/documents today. Both contain this phrase "XYZ, the most advanced operating system"... One was from Apple (Meet the world's most advanced operating system.), the other one from Sun Microsystems (Solaris 10, the most advanced operating system on the planet). By definition, at least one company (or their employees/PR agencies/whoever wrote that) is not true (and as this was surely written on purpose, they are lying).

Now you know, why I hate marketing and people doing it. They do not have conscience. If they use sentences like mentioned above, they do not have technical background/data for their statements and thus must hide them under such fog. And at the end, they will surely talk about he difference of world and planet...

Both operating systems are interesting though ;-)

Keywords: half-truth, lie, marketing.

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