Thu Jan 5 21:17:34 CET 2006

News from Mac OS X porting team

Many interesting things happening in Mac OS X porting team.

Maxime Petazzoni has finished setting up Mac OS X tinderbox running on Dual G5 PowerPC with Mac OS X 10.4. he is using gcc 4.0.1 right now. I have asked for gcc-3.3 too (see e.g. #i60088#).

NAKATA Maho prepared file listings from both Panther and Tiger so we can check what is in which version and can continue making the Mac OS X users' experience much smoother by using system libraries instead of internal ones. I'm working on the ability to use system python and un-patching the internal Python so it uses the same extensions for shared object files as the system Python.

Mox proposed to use system zlib by default. Mox: go for it, file an issue (do not forgot to CC: me ;-), because:
pavel@paveljanik:~/.ooo/MacOSX> ./Where libz.dylib
Panther /usr/lib/libz.dylib
Panther.withX11 /usr/lib/libz.dylib
Tiger.withX11 /usr/lib/libz.dylib
so both systems have it ;-)

Other possibilities are curl and libxml2. We have to file issues for them so it is not forgotten (I have it on TODO, so if you do that first, please put me into CC:).

Hmm, we need some logo to identify Mac OS X porting team - any volunteer? ;-)

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