December 08, 2004 10:19 PM

TIP: Be a good citizen in OOo project

This diary entry summarizes several common practices that I'm trying to follow. Do you have more? Please tell me so I can extend this and help others.

Mail is the primary communication medium of the project. Several mail outages in the past have shown us that e-mail (along with IRC) is crucial for our project. If you have a problem with (compilation failure, user problem, ...) try to search mail archives first. It is very common to find a solution just after you sent your e-mail. While using mail, please follow Netiquette and also the Mailing list guidelines of our project. It is still very common to reply with full quotation of the previous mail etc.

IssueZilla is THE bugtracking system we use. If you found an issue in OOo, please file it in IZ if you can't find it there. You'll help others who will have the same problem in the future. They can find it. You can help yourself because you'll be notified via mail about the solution and its status. -----

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