December 08, 2004 10:05 PM

l10n@2.0: good feeling

Yes, I have a good feeling about l10n in 2.0. Almost all pieces that are to be solved for 2.0 are solved.

Ause helped me a lot with my Perl ignorance and thus we sketched a solution for #i37105#, another piece that had to be changed for new language.

Currently, we are almost close to "./configure --with-lang=xy should be enough to get with GUI in your language" ;-)

I'd like to see more translation teams starting work on 2.0. Right now, we are very close to beta. If we are able to provide Beta in more languages, more people will be able to test 2.0. My build system is building for Czech, Estonian and Finnish regularly. Esp. Czech team (sure, this is my team) and Ain from Estonian team are very helpful for testing 2.0 with non-English environment. I hope that South-African team will join us soon with their languages ;-)

What problems other teams face? Can I help you to get up to speed again? Do not hesitate to ask! -----

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