May 22, 2004 9:50 PM

QEMU is now able to boot GRUB's netboot

Fabrice was online on IRC channel #qemu today and fixed several issues in Bochs' BIOS code and also in network card emulation inside QEMU and now it is possible to boot from GRUB floppy that is using netboot.

I'm now installing SuSE Linux 9.0 via AutoYast from NFS server on local network. Installation was started from floppy image that I use on real systems. GRUB successfully detected emulated NE2000 card, I assigned IP address, network mask, gateway and TFTP server and installation kernel and initial ramdisk were downloaded by TFTP.

Command line used to running the first part of installation was:

/tmp/QEMU/bin/qemu -boot a -fda /tmp/floppy.img -hda /tmp/hda.img \
                   -pci -user-net -m 128
After the first part is finished and system reboots, qemu exits and I have to run it again this time booting from disk:
/tmp/QEMU/bin/qemu -boot c -hda /tmp/hda.img -pci -user-net -m 128


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