March 26, 2004 11:22 PM

PPC builds, kerning issues, ...

Petr prepared RC3 (still without Mozilla) builds for Linux running on PPC.

Localizations builds for Czech are almost ready, Slovak builds will be ready before Monday. The same applies for Danish.

Czech user (Juraj Václavík of UJP PRAHA, a.s.) reported, that pair kerning does not work in 1.1.1 RC3 Czech. I found out that TrueType kerning works properly, only Type 1 fonts are not correctly displayed with pair kerning (kerning is not applied at all). I put several screenshots at my site and also added them to #i23684#. Please vote for this issue.

There are several similar issues connected with pair kerning: #i17836# is for applying pair kerning in the Preview box, #i19380# for TeX's italic correction, pair kerning in PDF exported documents (#i22667#), pair kerning problems for different font colors (#i26519#) and enabling pair kerning by default (#i16874#).


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