March 14, 2004 10:06 PM

Compiling cws_src680_ooo20040329 branch

I'm just compiling cws_src680_ooo20040329 branch and I will note issues I realized during the compilation process in this entry.

The first issue was ant related, but because I already solved it in the past, I still have the patch for it in the tree, so no problem (#i23464#). The issue in IZ is FIXED but waiting for QA and merge.

Second issue is GTK. Hmm, it is not yet ready IMHO. configure doesn't check the presence of gtk headers, it is not possible to disable its build via configure etc. Thus I completely removed GTK and filed #i23463#.

The utility bmp still need X server connection, thus I reopened #i22981# because I'm using screen for builds.

The old JDK 1.3 incompatibility sneaked back in filter project, thus I fixed it again directly in CVS (#i25085#).

The last issue so far is that dbaccess/source/ui/browser/ contains dependency on dbtreemodel.obj, but corresponding C++ file (dbtreemodel.cxx) is not tagged, it is only in Attic. I copied it from there and my build continues.

Do not forget to checkout chart2 module, it is not in OpenOffice alias right now.

And as always, watch out Bonsai for latest updates in cws_src680_ooo20040329.


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