February 23, 2004 11:00 PM

Incoming e-mail statistics for today

Today is the first complete (almost) day when my mail server adopted new antispam filtering rules (see the diary entry from yesterday).

Here is the small statistics:

s:/var/log # grep "Feb 23 " mail|grep -c status=sent
s:/var/log # grep "Feb 23 " mail|grep -c reject:
s:/var/log # grep "Feb 23 " mail|grep -c "User unknown in local recipient table"
681 possibly valid e-mails delivered (~50 of them being marked as spam via spamassassin on my machine) and 2297 invalid e-mails. 2158 of them (94%) with non-existent e-mail address in To:, 117 HTML e-mails (5%), 3 e-mails with ADV in the subject (directly discarded) and the rest was sent with non-existent domain of the sender.

This is quite positive. Really interesting is also the statistics of e-mails with invalid To:. There are only five valid e-mails in the domain janik.cz and there are unbelievable amount of delivery attempts to non-existent e-mails:

    163 dhinds
    103 honey
     82 pittman
     79 Schroeder
     75 devinscottch
     75 cvjb
Of course those e-mails are imaginary and they never exist on my systems.

To summarize: never ever setup so called domain wide e-mail when you accept/deliver all *@domain to one mail box. Czech Telecom presents this service (doménový koš in Czech) as a big advantage of their offers. Never believe them ;)