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Thu Oct 3 19:57:18 CEST 2013

-3.3C in the morning

The first real morning frost in the garden (-1 C or -1.2 C are quite OK). Most ginkgos skipped "yellow phase" and went down immediately.

Magnolias look quite ok. Felix is untouched, Summer Solstice has few brown leaves. Both M. sieboldii with brown leaves, the one in the windy position is almost completely without leaves now.

Grandiflora and Woodsman look untouched. The same applies to Crystal Tulip. Interesting. Some leaves have brown borders, but still look ok. M. acuminata subcordata has almost all leaves in dark brown, all are very firm though (not touched by the morning frost).

Big brown leaves from tripetala fallen down on the lawn look ghostly. Yellow Lantern going yellow/light brown slowly.

Young (it is quite big now though ;-) L. chinense going to brown slowly. It has very large leaves.

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