Sat Mar 26 09:20:02 CET 2011

Snow Leopard: status

Several years ago I wrote a diary entry about few annoying features of Mac OS X. Let's check what has been changed since then.

Terminal: still the same. An hour to get it properly configured.

100 processes per user: gone.

New annoyancees: Spaces! Spaces is 10 years back in the past. You can't have more than 4 columns. I'm used to 6 8) You can't name workspaces. I'm used to name them 8)

But the most annoying is the default filesystem installed. It is case insensitive. You can't have file and File. Ugly. Most ugly. Unusable. Reinstall needed. OK, I'd reinstall anyway, but...

But what I like is the duality of the gcc. gcc 4.0 is producing 32bit and gcc 4.2.1 is producing 64bit binaries. The default one is 4.2.1. A lot of work to get OOo compiled though...

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