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Fri Apr 23 23:36:24 CEST 2010

My way through DEV300_m77

After few months of really hard work, I found some time to try the new milestone of OpenOffice.org, DEV300_m77. It brought very useful feature for me - it fetches source tarballs of external stuff you need to build OpenOffice.org. It can also cache them for next builds.

For me and my builds, it means that for every new milestone, I'll save approx 200MB of the download for every build, because I cache all tarballs on every machine between builds.

The author of this feature is Ause, who is (and always was!) very helpful when I didn't wanted to spend my time reading the source ;-) This time, he was my guide to this feature as well, without him, I'd be still looking for configure option --with-external-tar.

OK, OK. bootstrap phase finished.

The build brought several new things. Well, I wanted to try this build which means I have to finish the build first on all of my architectures (limited to Linux 32 and 64bits and Mac OS X/x86). And as you know me, I'll report all things I do not like on my way to this (this is what people around me in my business life do not like on me - when they are on the other side - and like about me - when I'm on their side ;-).

I realized several problems during builds, some WaE issues, localize issue (which reminded me that I had to test and verify Ivo's fix for it). I had to update our translation files to DEV300_m77 and report all Oraclisms in the strings I could find (OEM version, evaluation version etc.). I wonder who "designed" some string changes... One of them is very interesting. In the past, we allowed OOo to send some info to Sun to help improving OOo. Now we allow OOo to send some info to Oracle to help *Oracle* improving OOo. Sometimes, less is more...

And then, the build finished. Almost. Thanks to Vladimir, I was even able to checkdeliver the build.

Then I was able to automatically repeat all builds from scratch with my build system, merge all languages and upload all builds (27 GB).

And now, after I bothered almost all members of Hamburg RE ;-), I finally see IT.

I have to say I like the new light UI design. Several people wrote that they do not like it, but I like it. Maybe the rounded logo could contain the whole (down) wings, but I can understand the currect status is wanted by its author.

But before finally enjoying it, I had to report two additional issues - I do not see background image in cs dmg and after I manually found the image in the DMG, I had to report one small white-red rectangle with some letters on it. Hmm, I was not fast enough to get #i111111# :-(

Then I was able to see the initial screen on which one can selected what he wants to do - open the text document, sheet etc. I was even able to highlight two such things at the moment (see #i111117#).

DEV300_m77 definitely feels faster and lighter for me (compared to OOO320_m12 which I currectly have on my desktop).

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