Sun Nov 2 11:38:25 CET 2008

unopkg weirdness

Building on so many platforms brings several strange issues ;-) One of the most interesting ones now is the issue connected with Vietnamese dictionary extension - dict-vi.oxt. When you build also with Vietnamese language, this extension is built and automatically registered into the install set. OK, this is normal. But thy it is waiting for Enter only on one platform I build on (on Mac OS X - #i93286#)?

I investigated the issue a bit more and found that Vietnamese extension contains 'accept-by' in its description and thus while registering the extension, it is waiting for confirmation of its license, it is waiting for Enter. It is the only extension, that contains it.

This brings several questions: who did QAed this extension? Did anyone tried to build it at all? Do they really press Enter while building it? How does Hamburg RE builds it? Why it happens only on Mac OS X?

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