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Thu Mar 20 17:29:34 CET 2008

D1: very frequent word today in my country

D1 is the name of the highway from Prague to Brno. I ought to be in Brno tonight ;-) I'm lucky because we are still in Prague. More than 100 crashed cars there right now.

Some photos from the D1 today...

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Sat Mar 15 20:24:08 CET 2008

OpenOffice[.org] in 1430 bytes, 3 years and 8 months

My son Michal is 3 years and 8 months old. We use to create printed papers with image and its written name to show letters to him. He is able to type some of these letters on his keyboard then. And I'm able to test recent dev builds 8)

Few weeks ago, I tried to tell Michal that the program we use is called "OpenOffice". He was able to repeat it, but he was not able to remember it because it sounds strange to him. But now, he says it fluently ;-)

Here it is: AMR, MP3. Please note that the AMR file is only 1430 bytes long...

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