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Wed Dec 19 20:53:07 CET 2007

Microsoft oferring Office for half of the original price

Looks like Microsoft in our country is in real problems now. They are offering Office for half of the usual price. But I think they do not get the real problem. It is not the price that is a problem. The software is. Both software. Office and ;-)

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Tue Dec 18 23:12:47 CET 2007

Meeting with local Sun people, solving magic issues

I had very interesting meeting with local Sun people today - talking about localization, OOo, SO, Open Solaris etc.

I was finally able to meet with Petr ;-)

Late afternoon was dedicated to solving magic issues of other people. The most interesting issue was squirellmail issue in openSUSE 10.3. Missing locale files for squirrelmail. OK, downloaded them (why should I at all???), solved, but now imagine that squirrelmail has two frames and even when the default language is set to cs_CZ, the left frame is in Czech and the right frame in English. Until you press Reload button (I was testing it in Firefox, Konqueror and IE). Then the right frame is in Czech and the left frame is in English 8) Until you press Reload. Then you can only guess what the next combination will be... Really interesting issue ;-) I even end up debugging sessions in PHP. Good brain exercise.

BTW - SRC680_m241 builds are in progress.

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Sat Dec 1 21:02:09 CET 2007

SRC680_m238: The Monster

SRC680_m238 is the milestone we will remember for a long time. Not because of openssl (like with m237)... But this milestone integrated (it was mainly Ivo who did it!) unbelievable amount of 49 child workspaces! Everyone just wanted to have their features in before our feature freeze...

It is very important to test this milestone because we will very probably branch OOH680 for 2.4 from it.

Update: first issues come up. On Mac OS X, soffice.bin is not executable, DMG doesn't have proper background, one symlink is missing (#i84162#).

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