Sat Nov 17 18:07:53 CET 2007

SRC680_m237: openssl, The Nightmare

My builds of SRC680_m237 are uploaded. Almost all of them. Windows is still missing. This milestone will stay long in our memories as "The openssl" milestone.

It all started when the milestone was pre-tagged. Ruediger told me he had an issue on unxmacxi with openssl (system openssl have to be used there). My Linux build failed because the module openssl was not built at all. I was not aware of it ;-) To make it short: I filed issue #i83647# and later also #i83687#.

Current list of openssl issues in
  1. gcc is used even if my CC is set to ccache gcc. We can't use ccache.
  2. even if your build is done with -P8, openssl is built only using single process
  3. on Windows/cygwin, gcc is used instead of cl.exe
  4. there are two openssl libs in download directory, but only one is used. (The old one is supposed to be used on Solaris or something similar, but there is a system one available.)
  5. configure does't define build type OPENSSL
  6. system-openssl is needed
  7. static libs of openssl are delivered.
  8. on Mac OS X, .dylibs are not delivered
If you have some other issue, please do not forget to report it.

I think the main problem here was that we are close to the feature freeze and developers were hurrying to make the feature in. I expect that the fixing of these issues will take from half to one week :-(

The next time someone wants to introduce some new library into the source tree, he will be under my sharp eye before his code can slowdown other teams (e.g. Mac OS X port) ;-) Please take care and do not hesitate to ask for early review.

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